Blissful Breads

Ingredients & Method

Mariella Bliss only uses local and high quality flour. All breads are made using a slow fermentation method combining the humble ingredients of flour, water, very little yeast, salt — and time!

Order Deadline & Collections

For Tackley collection, please place your order by the end of Wednesday.

For week-end market collection, please place your order by the end of Thursday. 

Not Just Breads

Every week we will offer some specials alongside our selection of breads. Among the most popular are panna cotta, nougat, frittata and the most authentic Christmas treats from November.

This Week's Selection & Collection Points

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New! Zoom Classes

Join our new adventure: Italian cooking online classes which include the subject I love most: pizza!

Watch this spacing let us know what subject would you like  us ti include to the class list.  

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