Zoom Class: Pizza Margherita Wed 5 Aug 7pm + Thu 6 Aug, 5.30pm - £ 12.00

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In our first virtual workshop,  together we will make Mariella Bliss' Simple Pizza Margherita.

We will meet on the first day for 1.5 hours, then again the day after at 5.30 pm for 1 hour to shape our pizza and bake it.

Join  at the special price of £12.00

How will the online class work?

The class will take place using Zoom. This will only be accessible by learners signed up to the class.

As soon as you book your place you will be sent a link to access from your computer, the recipe and method.

If you will be using Zoom for the first time, please don’t worry—just join a little earlier in case you are asked to download the program.

We will start the sessions with our sound and video on to introduce each other.

Once the teaching starts, you will be asked to turn the sound off to avoid background noise.

We will stop at each stage to allow questions.

Please make sure you have all your ingredients weighed.

Ingredients required for one tray 30x40cm:

  • Strong white bread flour
  • Tap water (cold)
  • Fresh yeast or dried yeast
  • Fine sea salt
  • Olive oil
  • Fine semolina for dusting


  • plum or chopped tomatoes in a tin, mozzarella, basil, olive oil. 

Equipment required:

  • 30x40 baking tray*
  • Scale
  • Dough cutter (straight)
  • Medium bowl or a Tupperware with lid
  • Cling film

*If you wish to bake your pizza on a pizza stone, please let me know in advance.